More hardware for ORR at 5150 Glaveston/Lonestar Sprint

ORR  athletes brought home more hardware in Galveston. The 5150 and Lonestar Sprint were well represented.   Capturing 2nd and 3rd AG overall AG female were Karen  Maldonado and Grace Benes. 4th Men's 25-29 was Adam Currier, 3rd Men's 45-49 was Rick Parker and  5th Women's 40-44 Tammie Manchester. Karen set the course on fire with a 23:44 swim, 1:07:10 bike and 44:44 run hitting the mark in 2:17:18 placing 1st 40-44 Female AG. Grace had a terrific swim of 21:07, bike 1:08:11 and run 45:50 for a 2:17:39 finish. Tammie placed 5th in Women's 45-49 AG with a  swim 35:23, bike 1:14:55 and run 1:09:34 finishing in 3:02:22. Rick Parker showed his steel placing 3rd in Men's 45-49 AG in a swim of 25:49,bike 1:05:13 and run 49:05 finishing 2:23:17. Adam snagged 3rd place with a 25:35 swim, bike 1:04:34 and run 45:45 tapping the mat at 2:18:25. Sam Newton 50-54M had a 31:30 swim, 1:22:10 bike and 1:07:25 run for a time of 3:06:09, Alan Jaax 35-39M swim 25:46, bike 1:18:39 and run 56:41 with a finish of 2:43:17. Clint Yates 35-39M swim 27:39, bike 1:14:19 and run 57:34 finishing 2:43:32. Adam Martin 30-34M rounds out our Oly group with a 34:08 swim, 1:09:36 bike and 1:10:11 run and 2:56:22 finish.

Taking on the Lonestar Sprint was Sandra Braniff  40-44F. Swim 12:24, bike 38:47 and run 29:43 she crossed the finish in 1:23:51!!! Great job to all the athletes!!!!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="Rick Parker 3rd Place M45-49"][/caption]

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