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Tri Aggieland, Jul 17, 2016
Robert Sparks 01:08:15 7th AG!
Englewood Sprint Tri, Jul 16, 2016
Mike Manoly 01:10:35 2nd AG! PR!
IRONMAN 70.3 VINEMAN, Jul 10, 2016
Adam Walton 05:18:00 61th AG!
Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, Jun 19, 2016
sharon morey 07:17:36 1st AG!
Ironman 70.3 Boulder, Jun 11, 2016
Nicholas Granet 04:14:58 26th OA! PR!
Lindsey Heaberlin 05:31:38 11th AG!
Ironman 70.3 Raleigh, Jun 05, 2016
Michael Kraft 05:30:41 22th AG!
Rev3 Quassy, Jun 05, 2016
Anne Rollins 06:54:00 21th AG!
Xterra Laguna Beach, Jun 05, 2016
Francisco Octavio Ascolani 02:58:59 4th AG! PR!
Tejas Tri, May 22, 2016
Frank Blanchard 01:39:58 14th AG! PR!
Ironman Texas, May 14, 2016
Kenneth Moore 10:29:51 31th AG! PR!
Tony Chu 10:56:45 98th AG!
Daniel Neumann 11:12:29 832th OA! PR!
Rick Loera 11:33:44 119th AG! PR!
Bill Nemzek 11:45:58 107th AG! PR!
Josh Michael 12:15:03 165th AG!
Mark Cook 13:43:00 151th AG! PR!
Peter Brohn 14:02:10 242th AG! PR!
Ironman 70.3 St. George, May 07, 2016
Nicholas Granet 04:20:27 27th OA! PR!
Michael Kraft 05:43:12 44th AG!
Wildflower Triathlon, Apr 30, 2016
Francisco Octavio Ascolani 05:24:40 7th AG!
Kemah Olympic Tri, Apr 24, 2016
Jonathan Sterchy 01:57:33 12th OA! PR!
Trey Stone 02:00:45 2nd AG! PR!
Rick Loera 02:04:47 15th AG! PR!
Josh Michael 02:14:15 166th OA!
Sandy Straup 02:18:00 1st AG!
Peter Brohn 02:26:00 6th AG! PR!
Kara Breedlove 02:28:55 8th AG! PR!
Kemah Sprint Tri, Apr 24, 2016
Chris Strait 01:01:07 3rd OA! PR!
Liette Ocker 01:20:43 1st AG!
Davy Crockett Bear Chase Half Marathon, Apr 23, 2016
Kenneth Moore 01:37:54 6th OA!
Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, Apr 17, 2016
Robert Sparks 06:25:53 49th AG! PR!

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