OutRival Racing (ORR) is a triathlon coaching service based in Texas providing comprehensive training plans, group programs and weekly triathlon training sessions to endurance athletes. ORR consists of ‘first-timers,’ age-groupers, amateur elites and professionals.

OutRival Racing offers a variety of coaching and training services to triathletes,  runners, cyclists, swimmers, mountain bikers, adventure racers and other multi-sport athletes. We offer online personal coaching, online training plans, as well as local club, group programs and events, a Professional/Amateur Elite Team, youth and junior programs, a Road Cycling Team and more! Over a dozen certified coaches provide online and local training for first-timers, age-groupers, amateur elites, and professional endurance athletes.

Whether competing for a spot at the IRONMAN World Championship or simply working towards completing a half marathon or a road race, our athletes are passionate about their sport and chasing success with their efforts.

With a dedicated, driven and experienced coaching staff, OutRival Racing has become one of the prime local and online coaching services and is widely recognized at events across Texas. ORR athletes enjoy a variety of sponsorships, and though the majority of our athletes reside in Texas, many of our athletes receive online coaching from locations across the United States.

OutRival Racing is now proudly a QT2 Systems, LLC business!

Athlete Results

Shadow Creek Ranch, Jul 12, 2015
Aeri York 01:19:02 1st AG!
Josh Michael 01:19:09 21th AG!
Tom Williams 01:40:00 10th AG!
2015 Carlsbad Sprint Triathlon, Jul 12, 2015
Andy Darcy 01:33:32 9th AG!
Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake, Jun 28, 2015
Adam Walton 05:15:39 21th AG!
Jeff and Brede's Sprint Triathlon, Jun 21, 2015
Amy Smith 01:13:51 5th AG!
Sylvan Beach Duathlon, Jun 14, 2015
John Impey 01:12:50 1st AG!
Ironman Boulder 70.3, Jun 13, 2015
Francisco Octavio Ascolani 04:43:43 14th AG! PR!
George Truong 07:32:44 1528th OA! PR!
Tejas Sprint Tri, May 31, 2015
Hunter Shelton 01:09:00 4th AG! PR!
Ironman Texas, May 16, 2015
Randy Burkland 00:00:00
Joe Chevalier 10:01:13 11th AG! PR!
Daniel Neumann 12:51:47 130th AG! PR!
Andy Darcy 13:22:10 121th AG! PR!
Joe Francis 13:34:40 90th AG! PR!
Juan Marin 13:49:38 1205th OA! PR!
Ricky Matthew 13:56:09 211th AG! PR!
Josh Michael 13:56:21 207th AG! PR!
Kyle Guidry 15:03:30 162th AG! PR!
Marie Ramsey 15:09:52 56th AG! PR!
Aron Harris 15:36:37 1834th OA! PR!
Eduardo Tellez 16:09:05 326th AG! PR!
Cory Bateman 16:53:00 118th AG! PR!
Ironman Texas, May 16, 2015
Karen Ponette-Maldonado 10:41:00 3rd AG!
Claudia Smith 11:53:00 16th AG! PR!
Antonio Teruggi 14:17:17 1389th OA! PR!
Spring's Back Sprint Triathlon, May 09, 2015
John Impey 01:10:13 1st AG!
TexasMan Oly, May 03, 2015
Carolina Enockson 03:19:00 6th AG!
Ironman 70.3 St. George, Utah, May 02, 2015
Francisco Octavio Ascolani 04:53:02 12th AG!
CB&I, May 02, 2015
Mike Moyers 01:15:01 8th AG! PR!
Josh Michael 01:16:13 17th AG! PR!
Andy Darcy 01:17:27 10th AG!
Joe Francis 01:17:34 6th AG! PR!
Jamie Farmer 01:21:35 1st AG!
Aeri York 01:21:59 4th AG!
Antonio Gonzalez 01:22:00 24th AG! PR!
Antonio Teruggi 01:22:11 38th AG! PR!
Randy Burkland 01:40:46 10th AG! PR!
will featherston 02:22:10 22th AG!
Ironman Galveston 70.3, Apr 26, 2015
Dawn English 04:54:13 4th AG! PR!
Michelle Golovine 04:55:36 9th AG! PR!
Shannon Pope 05:01:03 6th AG! PR!
Aeri York 05:35:47 10th AG! PR!
Kevin Bedell 05:46:18 24th AG!
Nick Cherry 05:53:53 134th AG! PR!
Slava Makalskaya 07:01:19 64th AG! PR!
Ironman 70.3 Texas, Apr 26, 2015
John Impey 04:58:37 21th AG!
Daniel Neumann 05:27:00 105th AG! PR!
Brazos Bend 50 miler, Apr 25, 2015
will featherston 11:27:12 10th AG!

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