Taylor Mahan-Rudolph

: ORR Level 2
: USAT Level 1
: 3
Years Racing Triathlon: 6

Taylor has been racing triathlon competitively since 2016. She began her athletic journey as a runner after graduating from college and was quickly hooked. She later discovered triathlon after suffering from a series of running injuries and finding joy while cross training. She has raced event distances from sprint to Ironman and earned a spot at the 70.3 World Championship in South Africa in 2018. 

Taylor has a diverse background and a wide variety of interests. Before becoming a coach, she studied art in college and pursued a professional career in medtech - working her way up to a Director level position at a medical device start-up. She is very familiar with the balancing act of training and racing while having a career.

As a coach, Taylor prides herself on being thorough and meticulous while also keeping the big picture in mind. She leaves no stone unturned in developing a plan that fits her athlete’s lifestyle, preferences and personality. She feels sports are a way for us to explore, have fun, and challenge ourselves and loves helping her athletes accomplish their goals.