About The OutRival Racing Team!




Join the fastest Growing team in the nation!

The OutRival Team is for those athletes who want to be part of one of the most diverse teams in the nation!  The team consists of first-timers, age-groupers and elite triathletes, runners and cyclists. All team members receive great discounts from over 20 team sponsors. Many times, the savings from our team sponsors will pay for your coaching! Our team consists of athletes of all ages and abilities including first-timers, age-groupers, and elites!  For the team application, please CLICK HERE! The OutRival Team is for ALL athletes, from those who have dedicated themselves to achieving top-level success in triathlon, to those who are just in it for the challenge, as a means to stay healthy, and/or to have fun. For Elite criteria, benefits and application, CLICK HERE! Admission to both the OutRival Team and the OutRival Elite Team are taken at any time.  To be on the OutRival Team; you must simply be part of our ALL-ACCESS, Mission Plans, or Personal Coaching programs!

OutRival Racing is an endurance sport coaching service for athletes of all ages and abilities. We have won past IRONMAN Tri-Club World Champion titles, as well as being one of the largest coached triathlon teams in the world! We provide a variety of coaching and training services to triathletes and multi-sport athletes. We offer online personal coaching, online training plans, as well as local coached workout opportunities! We are proudly a diverse team with athletes of all athletic abilities, ages, and geographic locations. Whether competing for a spot at the IRONMAN World Championship or simply working towards completing a first event, our athletes are passionate about their sport and chasing success with their efforts.

We are owned by QT2 Systems LLC, a coaching business that has sent more athletes to Kona than any other team in the world (over 200 in the last 6 years alone). Together, ORR and QT2 have over 600 active athletes! OutRival Racing has been the Official Coach of IRONMAN Texas, IRONMAN 70.3 Texas, the OnUrMark Triathlon Series, the Bikebarn Tri Club, the Texas A&M Triathlon Team, The Florida State University Tri Team and over a dozen other races and teams!


Join the team by applying HERE & registering for one of the following services.....It's that easy!

1) ALL-ACCESS ($45)

2) Mission Plans ($145)

3) Personal Coaching ($215-$250)