The Triathlon Season Starts in Kemah this Weekend!!

It's going to be a great start to the Triathlon Season! This weekend, the OutRival Racing Team is going to have a great time at the Sprint and Olympic Races at the Kemah Triathlon. Here's the Team ORR Race Roster:

Sprint Triathlon
Allison Eden
Brandon Pounds
Connor Barry
Shannon Butkus
Melissa Rothe
Sandra Braniff

Olympic Triathlon

Adam Currier
Blake Henning
Cassandra Mays
Corey Oliver
Ed Wandell
Grace Benes
Guillermo Maldonado
Jesse Balboa
Jonathan Sterchy
Lance McLain
Mikey Benes
Nico Castro
Raul Luzardo
Richard Tramm
Rick Wilson
Sarah Gray
Sharon Griggs
Steve Wren
Tate Wright
Mary Kay Cooper (swim portion of a relay)


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