Workout of the Month - Yoga & Mindfulness for Pre- and Post-Race with Coach Tim Gerry

Looking for a good pre-race warm up routine?  exercises to help with flexibility post-workout?  developing mindfulness?  QT2 Systems Coach Tim Gerry takes you through his favorite yoga poses.  


About Coach Tim Gerry

Tim believes in drawing from his life experiences as an swimmer, biker, runner, parent, teacher and coach, combining them with the QT2 principles to help his athletes reach for their dreams, and realize their potential through progressive structured training blocks.  Tim understands the needs of his athletes, by working with them to balance jobs, training and family. His goal is to create a working relationship, by listening to his athletes, creating common goals and embarking upon the journey together. Whether it be in triathlon, running, cycling or mountain biking he understands how to push all level of athletes to reach and exceed their goals.
Tim has been a coach with QT2  for 5 years and is a three-time Kona qualifier.


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