OutRival Racing at the Brideland Sprint





The OutRival Racing Team not only had great results at the Bridgeland Sprint this past weekend, they also had a great time!  The OutRival Racing women had some fantastic results, including:

1) Sarah Gray--First overall Invitational Wave, Fastest Run of the day at 6:01 min/mile pace
2) Michelle LeBlanc--Third overall Invitational Wave, Fastest Bike of the day at 26 mph

3) Grace Benes--Fifth overall Invitational Wave, Fastest Swim of the day at 6:28

4) Karen Maldonado--First Overall Masters, 8th overall female

5) Allison Eden--2nd in the 15-19 Age Group

The OutRival Racing men also had some impressive results, including:

1) Bradley Pigage--6th Place Invitational Wave

2) Nathan Winkelmann--15th Place Invitational Wave

3) Tate Wright--First Place 40-44AG

4) Mikey Benes--Second Place, 35-39AG 

5) Ed Wandell--Second Place, 50-54 AG 

Many athletes set personal records, finished their first triathlon, and had a lot of fun cheering each other on. Below are the results for OutRival Racing athletes. Full results are online at: http://eztoregister.com/assets/Bridgeland11.HTM

Adam Currier, 1:12:07, 12th 35-39AG, 5th AG run

Alan Jaax, 1:17:20

Allison Eden, 1:23:05, 3rd 15-19AG


Blake Henning, 1:19:44, 6th Clydesdales, 3rd run

Bradley Pigage, 59:42, 6th Overall Invitational

Brandon Pounds, 1:13:05, 8th AG bike

Cassandra Mays, 1:50:04, changed a flat tire! 

Chris Nichols, 1:17:22

Christi Moore, 1:27:39, 12th 40-44 AG

Courtney Livaudais, 1:27:50, 3rd AG swim

Grace Benes, 1:09:43, 5th Overall Invitational, Overall Swim Prem!

Jay Cimo, 1:12:46, 13th 35-39AG

Jeff Kouts, 1:18:22

Jennifer Bortsmayer, 1:56:21

Jonathan Sterchy, 1:10:35, 6th 35-39AG, 2nd AG swim split

Jorge Lemus, 1:25:33

Joseph Gonazales, 1:38:21

Karen Maldonado, 1:12:39, 1st Masters, 8th overall female

Kelly Whiddon, 1:36:27

Marcos Omelanczuk, 1:12:39, 10th 40-44AG

Melissa Rothe, 1:30:53

Michelle LeBlanc, 1:03:05, 3rd Overall Invitational, Overall Bike Prem!

Mike Huffine, 1:17:11

Mike Young, 1:12:49, 6th AG swim, 3rd AG bike

Mikey Benes, 1:10:02, 3rd 35-39AG

Nathan Winkelmann, 1:05:03, 15th Overall Invitational

Richard Tramm, 1:27:00

Sarah Gray, 1:03:23, 1st Overall Invitational, Overall Run Prem!

Scott Deischl, 1:29:04, 5th AG swim

Shannon Butkus, 1:36:02

Tate Wright, 1:06:31, 1st 40-44AG

Tina Parish, 1:40:22

Tommy Behe, 1:15:21, 8th AG Swim

Here are some other great race-day photos:

Ed Wandell, 2nd 50-54 AG
Mikey Benes, 2nd 35-39AG
Coach Karen Maldonado, 1st Overall Masters
Allison Eden, 1st 15-19

Tate Wright, 1st 40-44AG
Coach Sarah Gray (1st Overall Female) and
Coach Michelle LeBlanc (3rd Overall Female)

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