ORR and OUL Acquisition

Houston, TX - OutRival Racing (ORR), a QT2 Systems, LLC (QT2) business, has completed the acquisition of Onurleft Sports (OUL), of Houston, TX.  The acquisition of OUL by ORR will help to further QT2's leading global endurance sports coaching group of now over 525 coached athletes, 37 coaches, six registered dietitians, and five dedicated administrative staff which was also expanded late last year in December 2014 when ORR was merged with nationally renowned QT2 Systems.  

“I am very confident that this will be a significant step forward in the development of the OUL athletes and will also provide expanded opportunities for all OUL staff," said Michelle LeBlanc, Chief Operating Officer of OutRival Racing. 

With the acquisition, Michelle will be in charge of transitioning all OUL athletes to the OutRival/QT2 family. Michelle has significant experience coaching age groupers, racing as a PRO herself, managing the ORR business, and coaching professional athletes.  ORR believes that the athletes always come first, and that credibility, teamwork, and excellence should be evident in all that they do.  Through the sharing of these similar core values and the geographic proximity, the acquisition of OUL by ORR just makes sense. 

Onurleft Sports owner Aaron Palaian co-founded OUL with Benjamin Proko in 2007. For nearly a decade Onurleft Sports has been among the leaders in the Houston Area coaching endurance sports athletes of all levels. In recent days, Onurleft’s sister company, Onurmark Productions, has seen growth that warrants more time, attention, and energy be spent on growing that side of the business. 

“I felt it was time to step away from the coaching side of things and focus more on growing our events Houstonians and Texans have come to know and love. I couldn’t ask for Onurleft athletes and coaches to be in better hands than Michelle with ORR and Jesse Kropelnicki with QT2,” said Palaian. 

This acquisition lands OutRival Racing as the “Official Coach” of all Onurmark Triathlons and will also list Power One Cycling Studio (Palaian’s newest venture) as one of the official group workouts of on the OutRival weekly workout calendar. 

The acquisition of OUL by ORR, adds to the QT2 Systems brand of endurance sports preparation companies including QT2 Systems (www.qt2systems.com), OutRival Racing (www.outrivalracing.com), The Core Diet (www.thecorediet.com), and Your 26.2 (www.yourmarathontrainingplan.com).  Visit their websites for more information.

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