Kemah Triathlon Results

We had some great racing down in Kemah this weekend! Congrats to all who competed!
Matthew Perches 1:02:17, 2nd Overall Male!
Triny Willerton 1:16:29 1st Female Masters!
Hayden McHan 1:12:53
Julianne Newman 1:20:02, 1st 20-24
Charles Zschiesche 1:20:14 5th M50-54
Andres Lopez 1:17:43
Bruce Hayes 1:19.58 4th M50-54
Andres Luzardo 1:13:58
MJ Lopez 1:14:30 1st F1-14
Monica Lopez 1:31:40 3rd F1-14
Nico Luzardo 1:06:15 3rd M15-19
Sam Terry 1:29:59 4th F15-19
Maria Lopez 1:30:47 5th F15-19
Paulina Rodriguez 1:13:41 1st F15-19
Andrew Hayes 1:16:18, 2nd M25-29
George Truong 1:48:59
Pamela Ferguson 1:24:23, 3rd F35-39
Lynn Burke 1:27:16, 2nd F45-49

Grace Benes 2:17:27, 1st Overall Female!
Buddy Lightfoot 2:04:58, 1st Overall Male!
Becky McMorries 2:25:52, 4th Overall Female, Fastest Bike split!
Bryan Kraham 2:25:41
Luis Bonilla 2:33:55, 3rd M20-24
Jonathan Knapp 2:44:51
Josh Micael 2:40:31
Mai Le 3:33:01, 5th F20-24
Sandy Straup 2:49:57, 2nd F50-55
John Flores 3:57:29
Buck Holden 3:00:21

Thanks a Lot!

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Thanks a Lot!

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