Katy Firethorne Sprint Triathlon

Connor swam 500 meters in 7:46, biked 15 miles in 42:11, and ran 5K in 19:50. Overall time for Connor was 1:10:59! Connor finished first age-grouper of the day and first in the 15-19AG. With the Elite and Collegiate waves, Connor finished seventh overall for the day!
Brennan James also competed in the 15-19AG, and had a fantastic race! Brennan's splits did not register, but he finished in 1:29:00.
Mother-daughter duo Renee and Lauren Stolen raced their first-ever triathlons together! Mom Renee finished in 2:04:33 and daughter Lauren finished in 1:54:08.
Blake Jehle had a great race and finished 10th his division. Blake swam 11:05, biked 18mph, and ran 9:37 min/mile pace. Overall time for Blake was 1:37:11.
Eduardo Briz put together a great first-time triathlon race with an overall time of 1:55:38.
Shannon Butkus raced the swim portion of the mixed relay Team Speedbump. Shannon finished 6th in the swim for the mixed relay division.
Way to race ORR!!

Connor, 1st place at Katy Firethorne
Lauren and Renee Stolen
Brennan James and Shannon Butkus

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