Good Luck tomorrow ORR at IMTX!
Good Luck to the 31 OutRival Racing athletes racing tomorrow at Ironman Texas. Please wish these athletes good luck and come out and cheer them on.  Go ORR! ( * denotes first-time Ironman)


Blake Henning*

Brandon Pounds*

Corey Oliver*

Curtis Hooper*

Don Harris*

Ed Wandell

Eric Crecelius

George Roffe*

Jason Oefinger

Jill Mills*

Jonathan Sterchy*

Karen Maldonado

Lance McLain*

Mikey Benes

Mike Young

Nathan Winkelmann*

Nicole Mallette*

Nick Dupree*

Nicolas Castro*

Raul Luzardo

Richard Tramm*

Rick Wilson*
Roberto Guiot

Sasja Jackson*

Sharon Griggs*

Shawn Fuller*

Steve Wren

Todd Gibson

Tate Wright*

Thad Whisenant


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