Ford IRONMAN Cozumel Shows No Mercy!

Congratulations to ORR athletes who competed last weekend at Ford IRONMAN Cozumel. Race conditions were far from island paradise. In what has been called a "very difficult swim," athletes faced strong currents and huge swells. The bike was brutal with backside island winds while the run was flat but exhausting.

Courtney Livaudias placed 7th in her AG 25-29F swimming 1:03:34, bike 6:05:54 and run 5:21:49 finishing 12:40:58. Courtney had the second fastest swim split and bike split for her AG and a PR!

Erin Carey had a swim 1:17:46, bike 6:34:52 and run 4:15:14 crossing the line in 12:23:32.

Sajsa Loftin fought those waves with a 1:37:50 swim, 6:19:41 bike and 4:44:01 run coming in at 12:55:25.

Triny Aguirre persevered through the day with 1:33:27 swim, 4:44:29 run. However, the tracking system had a glitch and an accurate T2 and bike time is not available. Triny finished in 12:05:24.

Marcos Omelanczuk had a great PR day. Swim 1:20:12, bike 5:22:25 and run 3:51:50 for a 10:41:18 finish!! Well done, Marcos!

In his IRONMAN debut, Manuel Cabrera, swam 1:30:52, bike 5:40:12 and run 4:12:17 for an 11:34:34 finish.

Fantastic racing from all!!! 

Marcos Omelanczuk
Erin Carey

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