Bridgeland Sprint Results

Congrats to all the ORR Bridgeland Sprint Finishers! Many first-time triathletes, PRs and podium awards! Congrats to our women for going 1-2-3 in the Elite Wave (Coaches Sarah, Michelle, and Liz) as well as getting the swim-bike and run primes for the day.  Congrats to Triny Aguirre for the Masters' Win!  Also congrats to Paulina Rodriguez (2nd 15-19), Valerie Snider (1st 20-24), Jarrett Hubert (1st 30-24), Leslie Clinchard and Amy Bills (2nd and 3rd 35-39), Roberto Guiot (3rd 35-39), Chris Gause (1st 70+), and Jamie Farmer (1st Clydesdale). Way to go ORR!!

Aeri York

Amy Bills

Andrew Hayes

Ben Williams

Brandon Leavitt

Bruce Hayes

Bryan Kraham

Chad Smith

Charles Zschieche

Chris Gause

Chris Marciano

Chris Mills

Chris Nichols

Corey Oliver

Danny Davidson

Danny Sanchez

Elias Divo

Ernesto Reyes

Fernanda Rodriguez

Ignacio Marquez

James Engle

Jamie Farmer

Jarrett Hubert

Jeff Allen

Jeronimo Cortina

Joe Aulbert

John Impey

Josh Michael

Kate Deshetler

Kerrie Bellard

Leo Guerrero

Leslie Clinchard

Liz Baugher

Luis Bonilla

Marcos Omelanczuk

Mark LeBlanc

Max Chavez

Merritt Hulsewe

Michelle Leavitt

Michelle LeBlanc

Mike Young

Paulina Rodriguez

Phillip Sanov

Rafa Rodriguez

Roberto Guiot

Sarah Hankla

Stephen Johnson

Sylvia Escobedo

Todd Sumner

Triny Aguirre

Valerie Snider

Will Featherston

Zac Harmon

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