Athlete Spotlight - Meghan Lout

Questions for Meg:

How long have you been racing?

I have been racing (running) various distances for 27 years and racing marathons for 23 years.

What are your goals for this season?  Long Term?

My goals for this season are to have a strong and competitive (first ever) Ironman in Maryland on September 18th. My long-term goals are to sustain and build upon how strong I have become in the last ~10 months and race future races. I would love to qualify for and race Kona!  Editors Note:  Meg finished an impressive 10th of 90 in her Age Group at IMMD, driven by a 3:50 marathon - 2nd in her age group and 8th in the women!

What is your favorite workout?

I love several workouts because they are challenging in different ways. Running is my favorite activity, but it's my favorite workout when it has occurs after a 5-7 hour bike ride and has intervals (preferably on sunny days with low humidity!!)

What brought you to running?

My high school soccer coach pulled me aside to tell me that, even though I was a good goalie, what made me shine was lapping people at soccer practice during warm-ups and cool-downs. The next fall I ran cross country. Soon thereafter I completed my first Marathon (NYC 1999) and I was hooked.

What did you do in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?

I hired an excellent coach to help me train smart, which made me stronger.  That in turn allowed me to do workouts I never thought I could accomplish in a million years, and that kept (and still keeps) me motivated.    

When did you begin with OutRival Racing?

I began in November of 2020 when I started doing triathlon.

Why did you decide to train with OutRival Racing?

I plateaued as a competitive runner and became disappointed in my race performances and frustrated with chronic pain and overuse injuries.  I wanted to try something different because "more of the same" wasn't working (I mostly trained by pace).  I have heard about how successful other athletes have been training by heart rate and time. I had nothing to lose and went for it!

Who is your coach?

Courtney Kutler

What do you like best about working with your coach?

Wow, coming up with one thing I like best about Courtney is difficult!  The best, most simple answer I have is everything! I couldn't ask for more and wouldn't want to change a thing.

Questions for Coach Courtney:

What do you like most about coaching Meg?

Meg is eager to soak in every ounce of knowledge about the sport of triathlon.  She is an accomplished runner but triathlon was a whole new sport to her this year.  It’s been amazing to see her learn and grow throughout the season.  She has had so much success in this one season, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

What is one thing which stands out most about Meg?

Meg’s discipline during workouts is incredible.  She follows the workout as prescribed and is so dialed in on her zones and nutrition.  This discipline pays off in her training and racing!

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