Athlete Spotlight - Audrey Turner

Questions for Audrey:

How long have you been racing?

Well, I did my first 5K race in 1997.  A little run-in with some cancer had me taking a hard look at my life and deciding maybe I could/should be making time for some physical fitness.  I'd never run a mile in my life; it took me 2 years to get to that 5K starting line between treatments and surgeries, but I sure was grateful when I did. I regularly raced 5K's, 10K's, and half marathons for many years.  My one marathon was the Mayor's Midnight Sun in Anchorage, done as my 5-year survivor celebration. 

What are/were your goals for this season?  Long Term?

This season I was focused on improving my skills and strength on the bike, leading up to the Long Course AquaBike National Age Group Championships.  Long term, my goals are to continue to be active and keep learning.  As a 64 year-old, that may not mean new PR's, but rather gaining more knowledge in order to train smart.  While most athletes may focus on where they finish in a race, I'm more focused on getting to the starting line.  There is always an incredible sense of gratitude for the good health to train hard.   A race for me is a celebration, although don't get me wrong, I put 100% into my race efforts!  My tangible long term goal is to participate in Worlds for the Long Course AquaBike race.  I believe it remains to be seen where and when that race will take place in 2022.

What is your favorite workout?

Gosh, that's a tough one to answer.  Whatever is on my schedule for the day is my favorite.  Reem's plans always keep me totally engaged and in the moment in a way that I find quite satisfying!  I like to push hard, but that said, I must say I excel at the recovery/EZ rides. 

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