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Bill Oliver at the 5K Big Brother and Big Sister Race

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Archive for 27 September, 2011

OutRival Racing painted the Houston Triathlon Red this last Sunday! As a team, many athletes set personal records, a number of athletes finished their first-ever triathlon, and we were awarded over 20 podium awards! Onurmark puts on some of the best races in the area, and this exceptional race served as the Championship to the three-race "Texas Triathlon" Series.

Sprint Podium Awards
Mandy Heintz: 1st overall Female
Chad Haley, 3rd 35-39
Christi Moore, 2nd 40-44
Hannah Barron, 1st 14-19
Sasja Jackson, 2nd 35-39
Sheri O'Keefe, 1st 50-54

Olympic Podium Awards
Bradley Pigage, 6th overall finisher
Sarah Gray, 1st overall Female, Female Run Prime, 1st in the TX Tri Series
Michelle LeBlanc, 2nd overall Female, Female Bike Prime, 3rd in the TX Tri Series
Grace Benes, 4th overall Female, Female Swim Prime, 2nd in the TX Tri Series
Adam Currier, 2nd 35-39
Blake Henning, 3rd 40+ Cly
Chris Gause, 1st 70+
Ed Wandell, 1st 50-54
Houston Olympic Results:
Adam Currier- 2:18:57, 1st 35-39AG, 4th AG run, PR!
Alan Jaax- 2:43:58
Blake Henning- 2:53:55, 3rd 40+Clydesdales, 5th Cly bike, 1st Cly run
Blake Jehle- 3:48:49, 1st Cly Swim
Bradley Pigage- 2:03:51, 6th overall!!, 3rd fastest overall bike at 25.8 mph
Brandon Pounds- 2:40:49, 9th 25-29AG
Brian Perry- 3:07:09, 5th 40+ Clydesdales
Chad Hall- 3:14:36, 6th U-39 Clydesdales
Chase Neal- 3:33:12
Chris Gause- 4:17:00, 1st 70-74AG
Courtney Livaudais: 2:38:14, 4th 25-29AG, 3rd AG swim, 5th AG bike, 1st Oly!
Ed Wandell- 2:44:23, 1st 50-54 AG, 1st AG run
Grace Benes- 2:20:12, 4th overall female, Swim Prime at 23:01
Guillermo Maldonado- 2:29:14, 5th 40-44AG, 5th AG run
Jay Cimo- 2:41:28
Jenny Miller- 3:45
Jess Clark- 2:54, 10th 35-39AG
John Laskowski- 2:29:31, 6th 40-44
Marcos Omelanczuk- 2:31:48, 9th 40-44
Matt Horak- 3:02:04
Michelle LeBlanc- 2:12:40, 2nd female, 12th overall, Bike Prime at 25.1 mph!
Mike Huffine- 2:46:50, 2nd AG swim
Rafael Mercado- 3:12:15, 7th 40+Clydsdales, 3rd Cly swim
Raul Luzardo- 2:35:46
Richard Tramm- 2:58:12, PR!
Rick Thibodeaux- 2:54
Ricky Villareal: 3:06:35, 1st-ever triathlon!
Roberto Guillot- 2:29:18, 6th 35-39AG, 5th AG Bike
Sarah Gray- 2:07:16, 1st overall female, 9th overall, Run Prime at 6:30 min/mile!
Scott Deischl- 2:56:55
Shana Richardson- 3:45:25
Shane Clotiaux- 2:54:40
Stephen Johnson- 2:34:47, 9th 30-34AG
Steve Wren- 2:53:54
Tommy Behe- 2:45:18
Will Featherston- 3:09:23

Houston Sprint Results:
Anthony Limon, 1:22:18
Chad Haley, 1:13:27, 3rd 35-39 AG, 1st swim, 1st-ever triathlon!
Christi Moore- 1:21:19, 2nd 40-44AG, 3rd AG bike, 2nd AG run
Egin Sam- 1:17:48, 5th 35-39AG, 3rd AG bike
Hannah Barron - 1:23:37, 1st 14-19AG, 1st AG swim and bike
Jen Gerard- 1:27:30, 5th 40-44AG
Joseph Gonzales- 1:45:58
Kelly Jenkins - 1:31:04, 8th 40-44AG, 5th AG Bike
Kelly Whiddon- 1:30:08, 9th AG bike, PR!
Lynn Flora- 1:45:50, 3rd AG swim
Mandy Heintz- 1:06:24, 1st overall female, 5th overall bike split
Matthew Perches - 1:14:49, 4th 15-19 AG (unofficial)
Melissa Rothe- 1:20:41, 7th 35-39AG, 2nd AG Run
Ralph Logan- 1:31:39, 1st-ever triathlon!
Sasja Jackson- 1:15:26, 2nd 35-39AG, 2nd AG bike, 4th AG run
Sheri O'Keefe- 1:26:01, 1st 50-54, 1st AG swim, bike, run
Sherri Bisono- 1:28:24, 1st AG swim

Bill Oliver ran a 5kracebenefitting Big Brother and Big Sisterthispast Saturday in Columbia, SC. He finishedin 27:31 setting a new PR and having a great time. Congrats Bill!