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Melissa Rothe

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The Texas Independence Relays is a great Team Relay event that was held on March 5th and 6th. This relay consisted of almost 100 teams! Each team had to cover over 200 miles of total running from Gonzales to San Jacinto. Five OutRival Racing athletes participated in TIR this year and all of them had incredible experiences! Richard Tramm, Leslie Dupuy, and Kelly Whiddon participated on separate teams and each had incredible experiences. Christi Moore and Melissa Rothe participated on the "Athletic Girls Next Door" Team (as seen in photo above).

I (Coach Michelle) asked each of these athletes what the best part of TIR was.
Melissa Rothe responded:
"One of the most important things I got from the run happened on my 3rd relay-leg. It was 2am, I was crossing over the Brazos River, at one point there was no one around me - not a runner, not a van, no one. It was literally me, my run and the stars at 2am. It was so breathtakingly quiet, peaceful, just one step in front of the other. I thought all week that the middle of the night run would scare me, but I was so at peace at that moment. I realized how very very lucky I am to be able to run, to use the talent that God has blessed me with for something that I love so much. I was almost sad to see another runner. That moment just truly hit me how much I love to run, and how much I get from running.The best part was spending two full days with so many people, not only my team mates, but other runners who love this crazy thing we do, not for the physical fitness of it, but because we all truly love to run."

Christi Moore's favorite part of the TIR weekend was: "The giggles, the belly laughter, the snorts, the screams, the friendship & camaraderie. For me that is what it's really all about! I love all the wild and crazy moments, but really my favorites are the quiet comments that happen along the way. The questions of "how are you feeling?" at exchanges. The hushed conversations in the van when everyone is sleeping and you tell a dear friend you haven't seen in a while how much you've missed her. A teammate hugging you when you finish, sweat and all. The frustrating moments that happen because we're all exhausted and yet accepting each and every person with an open heart. Good, bad, and ugly. The feeling that no matter what, these girls have my back: at TIR and in life. This is really what it's all about. Doing something we all love and giggling all the way, from start to finish."

Richard Tramm's favorite thing about TIR was that it is:
"...a challenging and wonderful event where you spend much time time in close contact with your team as you work to pursue your race goals. Most of my running was done in fairly secluded Texas country, often with only the cows and horses on nearby land as my company. My first leg was on isolated dirt roads where the support vehicles were not allowed to travel. In this area it was just myself and the the countryside, although I happily enjoyed an almost all downhill run with the wind at my back! I think my favorite leg came around 2:25 in the early morning as I ran down an empty stretch of Texas highway mostly alone, able to enjoy the stars and the sounds of the owls in the night. For the most part the only signs of other runners were the faint signs of scattered blinking lights strapped to runners in the distance ahead of me and the occasional support van driving by. The best view during this dark run had to be while crossing the Brazos River and I could see almost nothing but dark countryside and a star-filled sky in almost every direction. In the span of this relay leg I only crossed the paths of 2 or 3 runners in the 45 minutes inspect running, and I enjoyed every minute of this nighttime run!I thoroughly enjoyed TIR. While it is not easy, it is a very rewarding effort. I was surprised by how many runners I knew on the various teams and by how easy it is to make new friends as you interact with all the other teams around you. I often run events for enjoyment rather than speed, and I have to say that this was the most fun I have ever had at a running event."

Leslie Dupuy says:
"This was my second TIR, running with the mixed masters team "Running on Empty". The best part of the race was, and always is, spending time with an amazing group of talented runners who are also really fun people. We laughed all weekend! It sure makes sleep and food deprivation seem a little more bearable when you are surrounded by a positive, motivating, focused team.

My favorite leg of the race was #24; in the middle of the night, or more like early, early morning. A straight, flat leg through rural-with-a-capital-r roads. Silent, except for my breathing and the occasional patter of another runner. I relished the solitude and the chilly night air. It's something you have to experience to fully understand.Can't wait to do it again!"

Christi handing off to Melissa
Melissa Rothe

Texas Independence Relays 2011: The Athletic Girls Next Door