OutRival Racing End of Season "Not So Competitive" Awards

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Archive for 12 December, 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out to the OutRival Racing End of Season Christmas Party last night at Rico's. We hope you had fun! Here are the awards we gave out last night. The next social is the Ironman Texas Kickoff Social at the end of January. Details coming soon!

OutRival Racing
Not So Competitive Awards, 2011

Most Improved Athlete: Richard Tramm/ Renee Stolen
Best Newcomer to the Sport: Stephen Johnson
Most Inspirational Award: Trace Sherer
Determination Award: Berk Clare
Most Races Completed: Blake Henning
Best Comeback Award: Roberto Guiot
Best Example Award: Chris Gause
The Hard Luck Award: Nick Dupree
ORR Head Cheerleader Award: Cassandra Mays
Super Helper Awards: Kelly Jenkins, Derek McCoy Marcos Omelanczuk
Sense of Humor Award: Corey Oliver/ Raul Luzardo [they have to split a gel]
Future Mechanic Award: John Laskowski
The Where in the Heck do We Ride Award?!: Kelly Whiddon and Christi Moore
Most Cheerful Award: Susan Koiman
Best Training Partner Award: Courtney Livaudais
Best Training Peaks Logger: Adam Currier
Worst Training Peaks Logger: Kevin Barr
Best Facebooker Team Supporter Award: Melissa Rothe
Most Pregnant: Nicole Mallette
Most Skipped Workout Award: Don Harris
The Wrap me in a Bubble Paper Award: Jenny Miller
You Run the Risk of Getting Chicked Award: Sasja Jackson
Say It Like it Is Award: Tammie Manchester