QT2 Systems and OutRival Racing are very excited to be regulary on ZWIFT! As more and more of our athletes join us in the game, and on our organized rides, we want to be able to identify you. To this end, we encourage you to begin using the hashtag #ORR, within your ZWIFT name. For example: "T. Snow #ORR"

As many of you may know, our entire Training Peaks bike workout library is now ZWIFT and 'Smart' trainer compatible. This is an upgradeable option on our Mission Plans. We also have a scheduled weekly group ride, which can be found HERE. And, lastly, HERE we have a library of ride files, which live in our Member Area, and can be grabbed for use within the ZWIFT software, as needed. When completing any of these rides, prior to finally saving them, place ORR into the name of the ride.

For example, "ZWIFT - Z2 2x20min Tempo Intervals - ORR". When this ride saves on ZWIFT, and/or uploads to STRAVA, it will give ORR that extra little shout out.

As you can see to the right, QT2's kit is available on ZWIFT! As of right now, it is only available during our scheduled group rides, such that all of the riders participating in these rides will be wearing this kit. It is a lot of fun to see a sea of QT2 rolling down the roads of Watopia. We are hopeful that, in time, the ORR kit will also be available to our athletes. This is not something that is within our control, but should the opportunity present itself, we look forward to working with ZWIFT to make this possible. If and when that becomes available, we will be sure to let you know!

As always, if you are not a current member of ZWIFT, we strongly encourage you to join! ZWIFT is a truly cutting edge tool, that will revolutionize the way(s) in which we train. Join HERE.