Maintenance Training Plans

Maintenance Training Plans

Our Maintenance Training Plans are for those endurance athletes who would like to take a short break from their primary sport, but don't necessarily want to get out of shape!  Under this program, athlete's training will be customized based on 1) the athletes needs relative to their primary sport, and 2) those activities they enjoy the most!  Whether it be skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or anything that gets the heart pumping, we'll work these activities into the program, while maintaining a focus on the athlete's unique primary sport, strength training, and nutritional needs. 

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OPTION: Nutrition ($399 initial fee + $25/28 days):
OPTION: Group Sessions (+$50/28 days):

Our Maintenance Plans require a 4-week commitment. You will be billed every week for a minimum of 4 weeks before being able to cancel your membership. You are also responsible for weekly payments during any week you have requested training from your coach. Please allow 24 hours after your purchase to hear from a coach to schedule your kick-off call. Your billing will begin the first Monday following purchase. However, you will be granted access to our Member Area to view the member resources within one day of purchase. Maintenance Plans are not intended to serve as a training plan, and can, therefore, be used for a maximum limit of eight (8) weeks. They are intended to be used to help athletes maintain structure and focus on areas that they would like to work on, not as a training plan in and of themselves.

MAINTENANCE PLANS ($150 + $21 per week):


  • Includes a kick-off call with your coach to discuss your specific needs and preferences for your time away from formal training.  
  • Basic periodization is established for the period of your choice, balancing your needs as an athlete, as well as what you enjoy most.
  • Daily workouts are provided, by the coach, through Training Peaks.
  • Workouts can be scheduled across swimming, biking, and running as well as any number of disciplines, i.e. hiking, skiing, weight lifting, hockey, etc, as the athlete wishes.
  • Option of strength training plan, with specific gym exercises and descriptions. Strength programs will be based on your specific needs as an athlete and will utilize at home routines, and/or gym routines, depending on your preference. 
  • Weekly review of an athlete submitted summary email, to inform the upcoming week of training.
  • Access to the Ask The Coach forum. A Level 3 coach is dedicated to answering questions via the forum, in a timely manner (6-hour turnaround in most cases).
  • Periodic web-based presentations and Coach Chat Office Hours. These explain the various training and nutrition concepts we use, and give athletes the chance to ask questions (these will also be recorded).
  • Full MEMBER AREA login with client resource access. The resource area is where all of the Coach Chats and webinar presentations are posted, as well as MANY other key reference materials.
  • Access to all events and benefits customarily offered to full training service athletes with us.  This allows you to maintain your connection to our brand while you are taking a break.
  • Note: With our Maintenance Plans, all contact with your coach is made via the Ask The Coach Forum and/or through the weekly submitted athlete summary email.


  • Includes a kick-off call with your dietitian to discuss your specific needs and preferences for your time away from formal training. 
  • Access to the Ask The Registered Dietitian forum. A Registered Dietitian is dedicated to answering questions via the forum in a timely manner (6-hour turnaround in most cases).
  • 15% discount on Core Diet Race Fueling plans! We truly recommend this if you are doing a half or full IRONMAN!
  • 15% discount on all Core diet Nutrition Plans with our registered dietitians. Weight loss is a great way to prevent injuries, improve health, and improve performance. We recommend a Nutrition Assessment to see the full benefit of your CUSTOM PLAN.