IRONMAN 1st Timer Program

  • Are you training for your first IRONMAN?
  • Are you looking for some extra support along the way, with special attention to your needs as a 1st timer?
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches can give you the best support available!

Training | Nutrition | Recovery | Pacing | Mental Fitness - We've got this!

As part of the IRONMAN 1st Timer's Program, you will:

  • Receive the very best 1-1 Coaching, Personal Coaching, or Mission Plan
  • Have access to webinars geared towards 1st-time IMers
  • Bi-weekly live  group chats with our coaches and Registered Dietitians
  • Team carbo-loading breakfast, the day before your first IRONMAN*
  • On-course team tent for family and friends to cheer from, and for post-race meet up*
  • Coaches onsite during race week, to assist first timers with all needs around loistics, 'pep talks', etc.*
  • QT2/ORR 1st-timer IRONMAN t-shirt

If you are interested, please reach out to Beth Shutt at [email protected]. Let her know that you are a IRONMAN 1st-timer!!!

*Availablle at IRONMAN Texas, IRONMAN Lake Placid, and IRONMAN Florida.