Training Camps and Clinics - Our 2019 Line Up

In addition to the camp options, below, we have partnered with RenAdventures for a Training In Tuscany opportunity, from June 15-22, 2019. QT2/ORR Coach Karen Allen-Turner will be accompanying athletes to the camp in Italy. For more information click HERE.

Why are training camps important?

Triathlon training camps provide athletes with a dedicated and specific time to focus all of their energy on training, learning and recovering, without the distractions of day-to-day life. In many ways, you are experiencing the professional lifestyle – where you don’t have to think about anything other than being ready for the next session...The rest is our job!

What can you gain from our training camps?

  • There are so many benefits for attending training camps aside from just the physical training itself.
  • Training with Like-Minded People
  • When you put a group of like-minded people together, they bring the best out in each other, and camps are fantastic settings for this!

The Training Benefit

  • A training camp allows you to simply focus on training and recovery, leaving your regular routine and other distractions behind for a couple of days.
  • As long as you look after your recovery, you will gain the benefits of a big spike in training load (training overload) a few weeks after you return home from the camp.


  • Access to coaches on a day-to-day basis and 1-1 coach/athlete meetings that address specific details, such as reviewing workouts and HR zones, sport-specific techniques, and much, much more!
  • Challenging and Empowering
  • Camps are a great way to push you both mentally and physically, and provide an environment that is encouraging and supportive. You will walk away with greater confidence, a positive mindset, and increased motivation after achieving levels of training you didn’t think were possible!

A Learning Experience

  • A training camp is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about all aspects of triathlon. 
  • You will often find that you learn a lot about yourself, as an athlete, as well as as a person. 
QT2 Systems - Florida Age Group Training Camp
February 14-17, 2020 Escape winter and come train with us!This is our seventh annual 4-day training camp, for age group triathletes, in Clermont, FL. Located just a stone's throw from the world-class pool at the National Training Center, this camp will run from February 14-17th (athletes should plan to check into the Hampton Inn on the 13th). Our 2020 training camp will have additional training and coaching options, throughout the weekend. Use the support of QT2 and ORR coaches to push your IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 fitness to a new level, or jumpstart your 2020 training. Come prepared to learn a lot and put in a great deal of hard work, in the same location where many of the world's fastest PROs log their winter miles. The last couple of years this camp has sold out, so don't wait too long to register!Our 2020 training camp will use our new camp model where 2 of the days provide athletes with a choice of a coached skills/technique clinic or additional training time/volume. In other words there will be options for athletes to choose where to spend their time on those days whether it's swim, bike or run training time with coach oversight OR a skills clinic. Some example clinic choices from 2019 were: swim clinics, bike handling clinic and run form clinic. We will have 4 coaches and the max for this camp is 20 athletes. The other 2 days will be devoted to hitting solid volume!  
The Run Formula - Boston Marathon Running Camp/Clinic Weekend
Boston Marathon Training Camp - March 20-22, 2020: The Run Formula and NormaTec, two Boston-based companies are partnering up to provide an awesome Boston Marathon training experience! Come train with us on the historic Boston Marathon course from March 20-22! This camp is perfect for those running the Boston Marathon in 2020, or those planning to do it in the future. It would also serve as a great training and learning opportunity for anyone doing ANY spring marathon! Or, even if you don’t plan on racing, but have always wondered what the Boston Marathon course was like, please join us!  
QT2 Systems - Lake Placid Training Camp
June 11-14, 2020 Come train with us in Lake Placid, New York June 11-14, in the heart of central New York’s Adirondack Mountains! Lake Placid was host to two winter Olympics and has been the host to one of the most iconic and longest running IRONMAN race on the North American circuit. The town has a distinct energy that promotes athleticism, yet has the fun low key vibe of a ski town and is, absolutely, one of the northeast's best places to train. 
The Cycling Formula - 2020 Vermont Gravel Camp
The BEST Gravel Riding in the Country. The BEST Beers in the WORLD! The Vermont Gravel Camp presented by The Cycling Formula September 18-20, 2020 Stowe, VT Are you an experienced gravel racer looking to gain an edge - or simply a casual intermediate rider looking to learn more? Then come pedal the picturesque dirt roads and panoramic scenery of beautiful Vermont with us!  Our camp is focused on gravel and "adventure" style riding and will include gravel roads & unmaintained historic roadways of storied New England.  All rides are coached by Cycling Formula coaches as well as amazing guest coaches, such as gravel racing legend Mike Barton.    
QT2 Systems - Elite Age Group Vermont Training Camp (INCLUDES HOUSING)
September 17-20, 2020 This will be our fifth year running this camp for elite age groupers in world famous Stowe, Vermont! This camp has been a huge success since 2016! Our 4-day camp will run from September 17-20th (check-in on 9/16) and is designed for athletes racing the Ironman World Championship, or other late season events such as Louisville, Florida, Arizona, or Cozumel. As an elite age group camp, the expectations will be high, and the training incredibly difficult. The same model as QT2's PRO Camps will be used, where athletes won’t know the workouts that are coming, only to meet at the Waterbury Reservoir by 7:30 each morning. We will be using the heat acclimation protocol, so be sure to bring extra layers. September, in Vermont, is typically beautiful, with weather in the 70s and 80s. Come prepared to put in a great deal of hard work in an ideal training location. Accommodations and food for the camp will be included in the price, and covered by the Round Hearth. 
Off-Season Clinic - Triathlon (Upstate-NY)
How you perform during the season begins with your off-season. Join Coach Reem Jishi for this full-day off-season triathlon clinic to jump start your training. The clinic will include three coached sessions - swim, bike, and run. In each session, participants will learn sport-specific strength and range of motion exercises, and go through a drill-based workout focusing on form and technique. The day will also include an “Ask the Coach” session. This will be your opportunity to ask any triathlon-related questions. You will walk away from this clinic with practical exercises and guidance for how you can improve your swim, bike and run technique and give focus to your off-season training.
QT2 Systems - 2020 Virtual Camp
October 23-25, 2020Camp!Virtual, that is...because isn’t that what the 2020 season is all about?All from the comfort of your own home!(Ok, maybe it is not the same as an in-person camp, but HEY! You get to sleep in your own bed and not incur travel expenses!)The first-ever QT2 SYSTEMS VIRTUAL CAMP will be held Oct 23-25, 2020. This is a camp geared towards triathletes of all levels to benefit you both by expanding your knowledge and guiding you through intentional at-home training sessions, tailored to QT2 Systems Training Protocols to build fitness, strength and give you the tools and resources to reach your goals.
Upstate-NY Bike Skills Series
We work so hard on our fitness, but sometimes it's improving the little things which can make the biggest impact. Anything that you can do to make your cycling leg more efficient and less stressful will pay dividends. Join USA Triathlon Level 2 Coach and OutRival Racing Triathlon Coach Reem Jishi, with the help of experienced local cyclists Linda and Mike Tersegno, for this three part series focusing on bike technique and skills. We begin in week one with a focus on cycling efficiency/gear optimization, as we unlock the tools for finding the "perfect" gear. In week two, we take what we learned during week one, and head to the hills for climbing technique. When to stand...When to sit...When to put out extra energy...and...When to hold back. We will cap off the series, in week three, by focusing on bike handling skills, including cornering and grabbing food/drink on the go. We will also practice bike to run transitions. This series is open to, and appropriate for, triathletes and cyclists of all experiences. Enrollment is limited to 15 athletes.