Kemah Sprint Results for ORR and TriElite Racing

Congrats to all the the OutRival Racing and Junior TriElite Racing athletes who raced the Sprint Race yesterday in Kemah! Melanie Benson took the overall female win, Triny Aguirre took second overall as well as the Masters' Title and the Bike Prime. Ten year-old MJ Lopez took the overall win in the 14 and under category as well as finishing 4th overall Female for the day!  Our junior TriElite Racing athletes had a fantastic and fun day! Congrats to first-timer, Michelle Bland for a great finish!

Andres Lopez, 1:20:54, 2nd in 14 and under

Juan Pablo Rodriguez, 1:13:01, 6th in 15-19

Kimberly Drake, 1:40:29, 8th 40-44

Maria Lopez, 1:27:45, 2nd in 15-19

Matthew Perches, 1:09:46, 3rd in 15-19

Melanie Benson, 1:14:26, 1st overall Female!

Michelle Bland, 1:58:45, 4th in 40-44, FIRST-TIMER!

MJ Lopez, 1:16:56, 1st in 14 and under, 4th overall female!

Philip Sanov, 1:43:41, 30th in 45-49

Rafael Rodriguez, 1:18:24, 1st in 14 and under

Triny Aguirre 1:14:53, Masters Winner, 2nd overall Female, bike prime!

Maria Lopez, age 8 finished second in the Kids' Race! 

To check out more information about our new Junior TriElite Racing team, check out or LIKE our Facebook Page to follow this awesome group of youth and juniors.

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