Athlete of the Month: Karrie Bellard!

Introducing our MAY ATHLETE OF THE MONTH, Karrie Bellard! Karrie is Kona bound this year after an incredible 2015 IMFL performance where she raced to a 12:14:51 and earned 2nd overall in her age group. She dominated the triathlon scene in 2015, earning a spot on the podium each and every race. Currently coached by Heather Jorris, Karrie is off to a great start in 2016 and has some big plans in store! 


A little Q&A with Karrie:

Tell us about yourself.  I’m originally from Gary, Indiana.  Grew up in Angleton, Texas. Went to Texas A&M. I’ve lived in The Woodlands since 2008.  I’m a radiation therapist at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I have a son, Ascher, who will be graduating from medical school in May.  I have 2 dogs that keep me busy when I’m not training for triathlon.

What is your athletic background? I didn’t realize my athletic abilities until I was 47 years old!  I decided I didn’t want to get old and be fat at the same time!  So I went to the gym and started with Body Pump.  Shout out to Stacey GC! She inspired me! A neighbor suggested I try a spin class and before I knew it, I was hooked!  I even asked for cycling shoes for Christmas! Just for spin class!  I added in a little running and before you know it I was doing the Muddy Trails 10k.  And had lost 50 pounds!!! A friend suggested I add in some swimming and do a triathlon!  

When did you start triathlon and what got you into it? Just a fitness progression I guess.  I met some people who did tri’s and that inspired me to try a tri! Then I met my boyfriend who was heavy into triathlon at the time and was talking about an ironman race that was rumored to be coming to The Woodlands.  My first tri was Kemah Sprint in 2011.  Then I did CB&I and a couple more and finished my first year with the Ironman 70.3 in Austin!

What’s your favorite: swim, bike, or run? Least favorite? Running.  I did my first marathon at the Galveston Marathon in February 2011 before I did my first tri and won female master and qualified for The Boston Marathon! My dad who died when I was 4 was a long distance/cross country runner and I guess I got some of his running genes!

Those who know me know my least favorite is swimming!  But Heather has been working really hard with me lately and I’m starting to like it…a little bit!

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most? My first tri was Kemah sprint in 2011.  I was the slowest person in my age group in the swim I think!  And a week before the race I had the worst nightmare about being late to the start, forgetting my goggles and having to swim through globs of fat and floating eyeballs!

What is your favorite race and why? It would have to be IMFL 2015.  Not just because I qualified for Kona there but the fact that I stuck to my plan and had a solid race!  I had no idea where I was the entire race until I finished!  All I wanted was a solid performance! 

What was your worst race and why? I guess CB&I 2011 was my worst race.  I had a minor bike crash 2 weeks before the race and had some cracked ribs and ended up doing the back stroke for almost the entire swim!  Again, probably last in the swim! But I finished!

 What’s on your race schedule for 2016, besides Kona? I’m hoping to do CB&I as long as the weather holds up and we get to swim.  Other than that, I will do Buffalo Springs at the end of June.  I’d like to put a couple sprints or oly’s on in between, just haven’t yet.

What are this year‘s goals? Have a solid swim in Kona. Finish the bike strong and enjoy the run!  Basically not die before I cross the finish line in Kona!

What keeps you motivated to train, day in and day out? Podiums, cupcakes and wine! And knowing I never want to be that fat, unhealthy person I used to be!

 What has triathlon taught you? That if you put your heart and soul into something, anything is possible! I never would have thought that a fat girl could get off the couch and make it to Kona! But I DID!!!

Congrats Karrie, you are an inspiration to us all and we are so proud of you!!! 

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Thanks a Lot!

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