Confessions of a First Time Triathlete (by Kelly Foust :)
So here's the story of how it all went down for a first timer at the CBI... :o)

4:30 a.m. - Time to get up. Seriously? It should be illegal to get up this early. I can do it for one day. I'm packed up, excited, ready to go.
5:30 a.m. - Wow. There sure are alot of athletic people walking around here that look like they know what they are doing. Be cool. No one will know the difference.
I am trained up. I have worked hard. I'm gonna do my best.
7:00 a.m. - Getting really nervous. Find some friends to talk to until it's time to go.
7:25 a.m. THE SWIM. Mission: survive the swim. Try to finish around 12 minutes and avoid getting kicked by a clydesdale. Made it around the big dude treading water and the other big dude floating on his back. Just keep swimming. Is that a snorkel? Please tell me I am not getting beat by a snorkeler! I see the deck. I am almost there. Crap! Passed the deck. It was just there a second ago. Next time clear goggles, not that it would have helped.

THE BIKE. Mission: try to finish between 50-55 minutes. Feeling good on the bike. Computer stops working. Playing with the buttons to try to fix it. Forget it-just pedal! Whoops! There goes my computer. Not going back for it. Guess I'll just have to use The Force. Have no idea how fast I am going - but so far I have only been passed by two 15 year olds and some serious chicks on their tri-bikes, so can't be too bad. Where's Beth? I wish I could just follow her. Ugh! so distracted. 4 miles to go. Forgot to goo. guess I'll do it now. OMG...I think I'm gonna barf. warm chocolate snot. I gotta spit it out. why isn't my water coming out? tilt it!! swish swish spit. swish swish spit. probably going like 8 mph, but wouldn't know cause I lost my computer!!!!!. pay attention...pedal! Get me off this bike so I can run!!!!! Ahhh..dismount. Thank goodness.

THE RUN. Mission: try to finish between 30-35 minutes All right. Ready to run. what's this? my legs are not really cooperating. Trying to run but I think invisible midgets are stabbing me in my calves. They really hurt. Walk a bit. Ugh! make it go away. Try to run again. Ahhhhh the midgets are back! Walking. My brain says run, my hearts says I'm good to go for a bit more, but everything below my knees says it's not gonna happen. Ticked!!! Run a bit, walk a bit...then running, running. Feeling good. Legs ok now...oh, sure now that i'm almost done. Finish!!!!! Cool. A beach towel. I'll really use that.
I survived!!! I really wanted to finish about 1:40, so missed it by about a minute. Just makes trying to beat my time next year that much easier, right? Had fun and learned alot. Hope to see you all next year. In the meantime I will be re-reading the section on confidence and concentration in my sports psychology handout. :o)

By, Kelly Foust

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