A Salute to Our Veterans
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On this November 11th, 2013, we want to express our deepest gratitude to those who have served or are currently serving in one of our nation's military branches. We also recognize that families of our soldiers, both former and current, deserve a heartfelt "Thank You" as well.  Let us never forget those that have given their lives and those who have committed their lives to America's freedom - a freedom that has, and always will, come at a great price. Please join us in thanking our current soldiers, remembering our fallen, and loving those who have lost...for we have all been given, yet another day, to wake up in this great nation and call America our home.
OutRival Racing Veterans/Served in the US Armed Forces:
Richard Tramm, Marines
Bradley Pigage, Coast Guard      
Rick Parker, Navy
        Kelley Golden, Navy          
             Allan Jaster, Army                
                          Lisa Jaster, Army                              
Shawn Kirk, Air Force
               Michelle LeBlanc, Air Force              
Stephen Johnson, Marines
Steve Alexander, Army
Keith Gurule, Navy
Clint Yates, Navy
Will Featherston, Army
Bill Gause, Navy
Danny Davidson

Freedom Isn't Free

by Kelly Strong

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