1-1 Swim Lessons
50 minute swim session to be scheduled with an ORR Coach to work on your stroke!  
Cycling Zone Testing
This is a cycling zone testing session for triathletes and cyclists on September 30, 2016. This testing will get or re check your training ranges, and chart progress versus previous tests you may have done. You may also use this as an opportunity to talk about your training with our coaches.  A PDF with your new power or HR zones will be delivered after the testing.
Mental Fitness Webinar Series Booklet
Has your mental game limited your training and racing performances? Do you struggle with self-doubt and confidence in your training and racing? Is it a constant struggle to maintain balance between your training and racing, and other aspects of your life? Our 8-part Mental Fitness webinar series booklet (PDF), created by QT2 Mental Fitness Coach and licensed therapist, Lori Ashworth, delves into these every day challenges, as well as several others. Lori provides simple and practical strategies to help all athletes to begin the process of overcoming these performance obstacles, and work to gain general life/sport balance. 
ORR Coach Consultation
Use a consultation to answer all the triathlon related questions you may have. Consultation Up to a 90 minute call or meeting with your coach to discuss anything you would like relative to triathlon!
ORR Race Pacing Plan
Please have your training data ready for review by Coach Michelle LeBlanc. We willl be in touch with you shortly after purchase to get started!