connie roberts
PR PerformanceIM 70.3 North Carolina 2017 5:20:42
Goal Race IM 70.3 Wisconsin
Bio: I've been a runner for many years and began competing in triathlon in 2014. After 2016 I decided I wanted to see if i could go from completing to truly age group competing. I have used a coach for the past 2 years and have seen solid results having gone to 70.3 Worlds in 2017 and 2018. I enjoy training and racing. And just really want to see how well i can perform

Results & Upcoming Events

EventTimePlacement By Age Group Placement Overall Personal Record
IM 70.3 Wisconsin
June 09, 2019
70.3 Chattanooga
May 19, 2019
Oak Barrel Half Marathon
April 06, 2019

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